Friday, September 30, 2011

RECIPES: Healthy Green-Egg Salad and Angel Eggs

I'm obsessed with eggs. Seriously -- I could hoover a bowl of egg whites like it was a bowl of ice cream.

This isn't a hypothetical situation. I've done it.

My husband is slightly disturbed by my egg consumption, and has expressed concern that my cholesterol reading might someday be around 209374029. So, just in case, I decided to make some slightly healthier variations on my two favorite egg recipes.

First, egg salad. I loves me an egg salad sammie! The trick is to replace the mayo and mustard with guacamole. It's a healthier fat, it's a fruit, and more importantly, it tastes like amazeballs.

The second one came from a tip I saw in Shape magazine. It's a twist on deviled eggs, but this time, instead of mayo and mustard, you mix the yolks with hummus. (If you're feeling extra-virtuous, you can ditch the yolks and fill it with straight hummus. But I love the yolks.) I used Cedar's chili pepper hummus and it was phenomenal -- loads of flavor and a bit of a kick. I have big plans to hunt down my favorite hummus in the whole wide world -- Tribe Forty Spice -- and lock myself in the kitchen* with a dozen or so of these. I nicknamed them "angel eggs" because, well, if mayo is the eeeeeevil ingredient in deviled eggs, I think hummus deserves a halo. 

P.S. If there are any fellow egg-lovers reading this -- we recently switched over to brown eggs, organic eggs, local-chicken-plopped eggs -- but yikes, it's hard to get around the weird color and texture variations! There was a mysterious red spot lurking in one of these eggs. How long will it take me to overcome the mental obstacles of eating eggs that aren't creepily uniform in size, shape, and color?

*Potential logistical problem: Kitchen has no door. 

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