Friday, September 2, 2011

LIST: 5 Random Thoughts for Friday

1. I have a newfound obsession with buying a Keurig. I’ve somehow convinced myself that an extra 100mg of caffeine every morning will transform me into a hyper-charged cleaning maniac, with enough energy left over to maybe do some fancy art projects with my kids. I’m sure it would take about two days for reality to set in, but who cares? I only need to stay delusional long enough to justify the purchase. Then I can be like, “Sorry I didn’t vacuum again today, but I made coffee that tastes like donuts!”

2. I spent all of yesterday thinking it was Friday. It was a bummer when it was happening, but today it’s like, “Woohoo! Two Fridays in a row!”

3. My friend posted on Facebook that Tony Danza died. I was devastated. Then she posted that the report was a hoax, and I went back to taking Tony Danza for granted.

4. I hit 100 fans in 24 hours! But then I looked at the Crock Pot Girls and their one million fans and went back to feeling like the awkward kid in gym class. (Then again, I'm pretty sure all my fans are human. Interesting.)

5. My kids aren’t old enough for school yet, but I’m really excited for everyone else’s kids to go back to school. I miss having the world all to myself on weekdays. And by the world, I mean Target. Clearly I’m not the only person who brings their kids there for entertainment, because it’s been packed for the past two months. I look forward to having the aisles all to myself again. In fact, I would sum up my feelings on Labor Day like this:

Anyway, my one-year-old is on a new kick of waking up at 4:40, so I'm off to bed!

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