Monday, October 31, 2011

ROOST: Alicia Silverstone says her 5-month-old is potty-trained -- um, for real?

Okay, I just came across this post on Babycenter -- Alicia Silverstone has been all over Twitter bragging that her five-month-old poops on the potty. Yeah, her five-month-old. Apparently she's a proponent of "elimination communication," which is a fancy way of saying you watch for your kid's potty signals and dangle him over the potty. Yay, one diaper saved!

Possibly mid-potty-dash.

Hey, if Batgirl wants to spend her day scrutinizing her infant's facial expressions -- "is he pooping or just staring at a cracker crumb?" -- that's totally her choice. But I can't help but think it's a total misnomer to suggest that the baby is potty-trained. The parents are the ones watching for signals, making the mad potty dash, and wiping up afterwards. Until a kid is old enough to at least utter the word "potty" -- or, I don't know, crawl -- the parent is the one who's potty-trained.

I'll stick with diapers. I have enough to worry about without anyone pooping on the floor because I missed a scrunchy-face. What about you -- have you tried, or would you try, EC-ing?


  1. I think that is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Why are we rushing are kids to grow up so fast? I find that our culture is so set on making little adults out of kids, now babies, and not letting them be and enjoy their childhood. I am not going to try this anytime soon. Shoot, my 22 month old isn't even ready for this and he is a big boy. I'm still afraid he might fall in (let alone a 5 month old!!!)

  2. my 20 m old is curious, but there's just no way i could have him actually "trained" yet lol..

  3. I like how the article said that it "offers another opportunity to respond fully to your baby’s needs". I have not had a baby, but I am under the impression that there are plenty of opportunities to respond to their needs since they need something every second of every day.

  4. He's potty trained yet he can't chew his own food.